Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tips on Installing a Pond in Your Garden

Tips on Installing a Pond in Your Garden
by garden39centre

Saves me from the struggle of having to drive from place to place only to be disappointed when the rocks I were searching for weren't actually there.

So How Exactly Do I Use Them?

Landscaping Stones can probably be used in as many ways as there are people on Earth. One popular choice is to use them to create a pathway leading to, say, your porch. You can even spice up the pathways themselves by creating patterns such as a checker pattern and achieve a very unique look.

Artificial landscaping stones can be used to hide things. Say you have a nasty septic tank riser in your garden that you'd like to get rid of, but really can't. Instead of ripping it off (Don't do this!), you can put a fake stone on top of it and hide it for good. You can then use that stone as a center piece and create something unique around it.

Fake Landscaping Stones

Using fake stones has recently become more and more popular thanks to constantly improving materials. These fake stones can make your garden look great, and well artificial stones are nearly impossible to distinguish from real ones. They can even be used to hide any unwanted objects in your garden such as septic tank risers.


Whichever way you prefer, the stones or real landscaping stones, you can't really go wrong just as long as you design your plan well, and remember that it isn't all that important to try to come up with the perfect plan. Just go with the flow and give your design your own unique look. It's better to make a small mistake and end up with a unique landscape, than to tinker around trying to perfect your design and never finishing it.

Some property owners will consider adding a pond or some form of electric waterfall feature to increase the value of their property. Some keen fish lovers may also do this to extend their hobbies into the outside air.

For any of these choices the pre-cast plastic is probably the most popular option and also the lowest cost solution. Other forms of ponds can be created using liners or even concrete but of course the price increases dramatically, so that it is always best to consult a landscape gardener if undertaking a multi level project.

Some fish enthusiasts will take a lot of time planning a home for their pet hobbies, some will even undertake to install plants which may in turn attract other wildlife. But this does not change the fact that the positioning is vital.

This is where the landscape gardeners experience is so valuable as the pond does require an element of shade and the last thing you want is the water to be covered by leaves of fallen twigs. Trellis fencing or purpose grown trees may a way of creating this shade.

Fish enthusiasts will have to consider the depth and temperature of the pond as well as filtration of some sort, the size of which will be determined by the amount of fish and plants you decide on so expert help at this point is vital.


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