Tuesday, March 3, 2015

To Sua Ocean Trench Swimming Hole

To Sua Ocean Trench

Tosua literally means a Giant Swimming Hole. 30 meters deep and is accessible via a long ladder to the pool.Overlooking the ocean is a beach called Fagaoneone meaning white sand whereas opposite is a lava field with blow hole, tide pools and walking paths along the rocks near the ocean’s edge.
To Sua Ocean Trench, Lotofaga, Samoa. The name means a giant swimming hole and definitely serves as such. To get into a 30 meters deep pool in a lava field the swimmers use ladder: water is crystal clear, refreshing and not too deep. Fed by the ocean the pool indeed provides a unique swimming experience.
Why to go there?
The tourism is growing in Samoa: perfect weather, white sandy beaches, unspoiled nature and local culture are the main attractions in these islands in South Pacific Ocean. To Sua Ocean Trench is surrounded with the beautiful gardens and a white sandy beach.
When to go there?
The best time to visit Samoa is from May to November. It is the dry season and besides the perfect climate, many Samoan festivals take place at this time of the year.
How to get there?
There are frequent flights from New Zealand to Apia – Somoa’s capital. You can rent a car and from Upolu island drive the main road until you will see a sign to Lotofaga.
Useful information:
Be careful climbing the ladder, which might be slippery.
The entry fee is $15 and provides a safe environment.


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